Buying prints is always a great choice; high-quality art prints enhance living spaces, injecting creativity, imagination and beauty into any environment. If you’d like to purchase quirky, creative prints by an Irish artist, then Bex Shelford has just what you’re looking for. Based in County Dublin by the sea, Bex Shelford is an artist, printmaker and author behind a diverse range of fine art archival prints, greeting cards and handcrafted screen prints. 

Whether you want to decorate your home with a locally-inspired bird or rabbit-themed print, or purchase a cool screen print to hang up, Bex Shelford has designed and made a variety of artworks, all in her unique, imaginative signature style. To explore Bex Shelford’s collections – from the One Quiet Night Series to the Be An Irish Explorer – visit the website today.

Imaginative, Colourful Prints of the Highest Quality

If you’re looking for prints by Irish artists, then look no further than Bex Shelford, who offers an extensive range of screen prints, all with different themes, styles and colours. Each screen print typically depicts animals, whether these are seals, weasels, bunnies, ducks or otters. Made and printed in Dublin, Ireland, Bex Shelford’s screen prints are Giclee ink prints, and come signed and dated by the artist. 

You can buy just as prints, or purchase your desired print alongside a high quality Irish-made wooden frame in slate grey colour. All of Bex’s prints embody a trendy, modern aesthetic, and celebrate the uniqueness and specialness of the animals that inhabit Ireland. For exceptional bird, rabbit or screen prints by Irish artists – go to Bex Shelford’s online shop today. 

What Other Works Are Available?

Alongside her exquisite prints, Bex Shelford has a number of other works in her collection. These include the One Quiet Night Series, which is a selection of artworks that uncover what rabbits in Ireland do whilst everyone is asleep. This series takes you on a journey through a story about various places in Ireland, as well as how rabbits use well-known monuments and landscapes for their own entertainment.

Similarly, Be An Irish Explorer is an art journal written and illustrated by Bex. It transports the reader around Ireland, exploring different locations spanning from Newgrange to Bunratty, and the Giant’s Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher. It’s the perfect travel companion for young art enthusiasts, and it’s full of plenty of activities – giving you a chance to draw famous sights, create postcards, and colour Irish dancing dresses. If you want to buy prints by Irish artists, head to the website today. 

Have Any Questions For Bex Shelford?

Now that you know more about Bex Shelford’s work, if you’d like to make an enquiry or ask any questions – then please get in touch via the online contact form on the website. Leave a message, and Bex Shelford will be in touch with you soon. You can also email at

Likewise, feel free to follow Bex on Instagram, which you can find via the website. If you’re particularly interested in prints by Irish artists, then Bex Shelford’s work is the number one choice – it’ll lighten up your space.

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