rabbitt (1)


Bex’s two favourite things to do are draw and read fiction and this is evident in her work as often her pictures tell stories.

She likes to ask herself questions like …What could the rabbits of Ireland do while we sleep? …What if the robins had a superhero party?…What do the seals think of these interlopers that swim in their spots? 

Because she lives in County Dublin these are the sort of questions she asks. If she lived in Dubai she might ask herself…Why is it so damn hot? She does not ask herself this question in Ireland.

One Quiet Night Series

This is a series of artworks that reveal what the rabbits of Ireland get up to while we sleep. Every picture tells a story. Visit different destinations and learn how the rabbits use familiar monuments and landscapes for their own entertainment.

rabbitt (1)

Bex uses sketches as a starting point for her final artworks – usually in pencil and inks. She especially loves a brown rough paper to work with …here are a few examples…

Be An Irish Explorer is an art journal that Bex wrote and illustrated. It journeys around Ireland suggesting creative ideas related to Irish places and traditions. There is space on each page for the reader/artist to stretch their imaginations and artistic skills – at the same time as offering a little bit of ‘sneaky’ education!

The book was written in the evenings whilst Bex was working as a learning support teacher and had the idea to make an art journal that would encourage creativity and be related to the wonderful isle of Ireland.

Bex knows that everyone starts out as creative and has yet to meet someone who when pushed can’t remember something creative they did when they were younger. Usually alas, until the dreaded day that some well-meaning adult looked at their work and uttered the terrible words…”That’s lovely, what is it?”

Be An Irish Explorer


Bex is a member of the Damn Fine Print studio in Stoneybatter which is a place of great joy. The place and the process. Screen printing is when you separate out the colours of your image and then using a special product and light machine burn the design for each colour at a time onto a silk screen.

That colour is then pushed through the screen using an awesomely named implement called a squeegee and then the process is repeated until all the colours are used and the image has been built up in layers of inks. It is completely addictive and glorious.

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