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Rabbit Prints – The One Quiet Night Series

This is a series of humorous and original illustrations that reveal what the Irish rabbits get up to in the quiet of the night. While we sleep these Irish rabbits use well known monuments and landscapes in Dublin, and around Ireland, for their own entertainment and amusement.

The rabbit series was originally inspired by her own rabbit, Nibbles, who sadly is no longer with us. The lovely aesthetic of his profile and the idea of an underground (ha ha) world where fun was to be had, without the knowledge of us humans, appealed and this is what inspired the rabbits’ adventures.

Once she has imagined the rabbits’ nocturnal fun then it is time to start the drawing the location.  Where possible these are done in real life but not at night as this would harder to see the sketch book page…

The adventure is then sketched out into five picture boxes in the best way possible to condense their mischief. This is actually the trickiest bit to ensure the story is clear but simple. From here colour is added and finally the outside rabbit silhouette created as the final part that completes the art work.


The Spire Dublin Mountaineers
Dalkey Island Fairground Chairs
Obelisk Rocket Killiney Hill
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