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Puffin Love Forever – Tandem


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  • Highest quality giclée print
  • Archival ink
  • Size: A4

PUFFIN LOVE FOREVER is a NEW series for 2023.

As I am sure you know, puffins mate for life, returning after a winter at sea to the exact burrow to reunite with the same mate. As a puffin lives for around 20 years this is quite a commitment.

This series of artworks is a celebration of long term love. Not the heady love of a new romance but the security, warmth and joy of being with the same person for years. When I made this artwork called Tandem, I was thinking about the small or large adventures that couples have experienced together and happy memories that they create. Particularly the humour when one confesses afterwards that they weren’t peddling at all.

BUT and this is an important ‘but’ I believe that artworks are imbued with meaning by the viewer, so if you had a different interpretation then that meaning is this artwork’s too.

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