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Puffin Love Forever – Empty Nest


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  • Highest quality giclée print
  • Archival ink
  • Size: A4

PUFFIN LOVE FOREVER is a NEW series for 2023.

As I am sure you know, puffins mate for life, returning after a winter at sea to the exact burrow where they raise their chicks year after and year, and to reunite with the same mate. As a puffin lives for around 20 years this is quite a commitment.

This series of artworks is a celebration of long term love. Not the heady love of a new romance but the security, warmth and joyof being with the same person for years. When I made this artwork called Empty Nesting, I was thinking about the bond that a couple has through the love they have for their children, and their hopes and fears as they send them out into the world. BUT and this is an important ‘but’ I believe that artworks are imbued with meaning by the viewer, so if you had a different interpretation then that too is this artwork’s meaning.

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