One Quiet Night

One Quiet Night: Rabbit Prints

This is a series of artworks which reveal what goes on while we sleep. At night, when it is quiet and dark these Dublin rabbits use the landscape and monuments for their own invention and entertainment.

The Spire Mountaineers Climbers

One Quiet Night – The Spire Dublin

One Quiet Night – Poolbeg Chimneys Dublin

Dalkey Island Fairground Chairs

One Quiet Night – Dalkey Island

Sandycove Jacuzzi Diving Board

One Quiet Night – Sandycove

One Quiet Night – Killiney Hill, Pyramid

Obelisk Rocket Killiney Hill

One Quiet Night – Killiney Hill, Obelisk

A Little More about the Rabbits:

These rabbits are typical of a younger generation that do not want to be defined by a specific category preferring to call themselves artists/inventors/adventurers/entrepreneurs. They wish to use the environment shared with humans in alternative ways. They do this predominately because it is fun.

They also know that the best time to do this is while humans are sleeping.

Importantly they are benign in their adventures and believe in leaving an environment largely as they found it (except for their carbon footprint – a lot of their inventions do unfortunately require fossil fuels – they are working on greener energy sources). They wish to remain anonymous, partially because they believe notoriety will interrupt their creative flow and partially to avoid court summons and cooking pots.

They do not believe in stereotyping – please do not send carrots.

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